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Variety Packs of Aloha Island Coffee Pods let you try all of our selections.

Variety Packs let you try all of our Coffee Pods

Enjoy having a selection of all of our wonderful coffee pods on hand.  Our Variety Packs of coffee pods make it convenient for everyone to enjoy their favorite coffee with your single-serve pod coffee brewer or your Keurig K-Cup brewer*.  Try all of our selections!
*To brew with your Keurig K-Cup brewer, purchase a handy Pod Adapter.
Variety of Roasts and Flavors of Kona Coffee Pods
Variety Pack
$17.95 - $83.95
Variety Pack of Flavored Kona Blend Coffee Pods
Flavored Variety Pack
$17.95 - $83.95
Organic Arabica Coffee Pods from Aloha Island Coffee
Variety PackOrganic Arabica Coffee
This Variety Pack
is a great way to try
all of our selections!
18 Pods Per Box
$21.95 - $74.95