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Robust, Dark Roast Coffee Selections from Aloha Island Coffee

Robust, Italian and Dark Roast Coffee Selections

"My coffee has to be dark, strong, and full of flavor.  I prefer Aloha Island Volcano"
L.D., Austin, TX
     Roasting fine quality, gourmet coffee beans to a rich, deep, Italian dark roast level requires some special skills and our Master Roaster is up to the test.  As anyone who has purchased a cup of coffee at well-known shop-on-every-corner coffee purveryors knows, it's very easy to produce a burned-taste over-roasted mediocre coffee.  To roast outstanding quality coffee beans to a true, rich, dark level and yet retain the wonderful broad flavor profile of the coffee, without tainting it with a burned edge, is an art.  We roast a select few of our 100% Pure Kona Coffee, our Kona Coffee Blends, our Hawaiian Coffee Blends, and our Certified Organic Guatemalan Arabica coffee beans with full attention, and end the roast at the exact moment when the Italian dark roast level we desire has been obtained.  Our dark roast coffee selections are superb, full of rich coffee flavor that never leaves a bitter aftertaste.  Our dark roast coffee selections are excellent as brewed coffee and for espresso beverages.