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Kona Blend, Organic, Decaf

Pure Kona Coffee Espresso from Aloha Island Coffee

Great Espresso with Aloha Island ESE Espresso Pods

 "I know espresso coffee and Aloha Island's 100% Pure Kona Coffee Espresso is the best!"
B.N., Milwaukee, WI
ESE Espresso Pods give you all the wonderful deep, dark, rich espresso flavor, aroma, and crema of great espresso coffee, but without the mess and inconvenience of grinding, tamping, and disposing of wet coffee grounds.  Aloha Island offers several selections of our wonderful Espresso Coffee in ESE Espresso Pod form (for whole bean or ground espresso, click here).  Espresso lovers are very special coffee aficionados who prefer the unique flavor qualities of coffee beverages created with an espresso machine.  Now you can quickly draw shots by placing one of our ESE Espresso pods into your espresso machine and pushing the button!  All of our espresso coffee is roasted very carefully to a deep, espresso roast level, and we immediately craft our ESE Espresso pods and seal them in individual packets to preserve their exquisite flavor.