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100% Pure Kona Coffee blended with Certified Organic Arabica forms the Kona Coffee Blends of Aloha Island Coffee

Kona Coffee Blends

"Gold II is the best Kona Coffee Blend on the market!"
L.G., San Francisco, CA
     Frankly, many "Kona Coffee Blends" on the market just aren't very good.  So Aloha Island Coffee decided to develop a very special collection of truly Luxurious Kona Coffee Blends that allow the famous qualities of Pure Kona Coffee to be front and center while at the same time providing a more value-priced product line for coffee lovers.
     Our Luxurious Kona Coffee Blends are handcrafted with the highest grades of Certified 100% Pure Kona Coffee and Certified Organic Arabica Coffee.  Each of the selections in our product line of Luxurious Kona Coffee Blends is available as whole bean or ground.  And, if you brew your coffee with a single-serve pod brewer or Keurig K-Cup brewer you can enjoy our Kona Coffee Blends in coffee pods or (click here to see all of our coffee pods).
Harvest Blend Kona Blend Coffee
Harvest Blend
 An autumn favorite!
Pure Kona Coffee and
Hawaiian and Organic
Tropical Coffee, with
Pumpkin Spice Flavor.
Whole Bean or Ground