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Aloha Island Coffee Light Roast Coffee Selections are perfect for the quiet times in your life.

Gentle, Light Roast Coffee Selections

 "After a hard day at work, and a good dinner, I unwind and relax with a cup of Platinum"
M.C., Sarasota, FL
     There are times when a robust, dark roast coffee is the kick-start that everyone needs.  And there are times when a light roast coffee is the quiet, gentle, pleasant and relaxing touch that is perfect.  Aloha Island takes special care to roast our 100% Pure Kona Coffee, Kona Coffee Blends, and Certified Organic Guatemalan Arabica Coffee to a light roast level.  Making sure that we roast until just the right moment to produce our target light roast level reflects the skill of our Master Roaster.  Each of our Light Roast Coffee selections has a unique profile, but each reflects the gentle touch of a light roast.