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Aloha Island Coffee Medium Roast Coffee Selections

Aloha Island Medium Roast Coffee Selections

"In our office we drink coffee all day long and we only drink Aloha Island Coffee"
L.B., JD, Chicago, IL
     Life has many challenges and it's always nice to know you can depend on something to bring a smile to your face.  Aloha Island Coffee offers lots of choices of beautifully, well-rounded, medium roast coffee profiles for every coffee lover.  From the first cup of coffee of the day, mid-morning pick-me-up, afternoon break, to an end-of-the-day cup of coffee to relax, our medium roast selections are perfect.  Whether our 100% Pure Kona Coffee, Kona Coffee Blends, Hawaiian Coffee Blends, or our Certified Organic Guatemalan Arabica coffee, our Master Roaster painstakingly watches each small batch of green coffee beans for the exact moment when a perfect medium roast level has been achieved.  Consistently, he makes sure that each gourmet coffee selection is roasted to an ideal point of roast to showcase the full-of-flavor qualities of each coffee.  Coffee lovers will find their perfect coffee among our medium roast selections.