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Pure Kona Coffee from Aloha Island Coffee is Certified by The State of Hawaii
Aloha Island Pure Kona Coffee is Certified Kona by The State of Hawaii

       100% Pure Kona Coffee

 Certified by The State of Hawaii

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 "Aloha Island Gold Pure Kona Coffee is how I reward myself.  It's the best."
R.M., Nashville, TN
     The story of Kona Coffee is truly a fascinating one.  Certified 100% Pure Kona Coffee is only grown in the very small district named Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Kona Coffee is famous because the unique combination of volcanic soil, and plentiful rainfall and sunshine, produce a coffee that is naturally low in acid and has a very smooth texture. 
     Each of Aloha Island's 100% Pure Kona Coffee selections is a custom roast that has been developed to insure that our Kona Coffee selections are superb.  Whether you choose whole bean or ground, or our coffee pods for single-serve pod coffee brewers and Keurig K-Cup machines, our Kona Coffee is outstanding.