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Hawaiian Coffee Blends from Aloha Island Coffee

Hawaiian Coffee Blends ~ Nine Choices ~ Six Flavored

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"This is the best Hawaiian coffee.  My husband loves the taste!" E.C., Dawsonville, GA
     The beautiful Islands of Hawaii produce many exotic plants and fruits and the tropical climate is also excellent for growing Arabica coffee.  While the Big Island of Hawaii has long been famous for its Pure Kona Coffee, the sister islands of Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Molokai, have grown coffee for nearly as long as the Kona District on the Big Island.  (Read the story of Coffee in Hawaii)
     The coffee grown on our sister islands has unique qualities that make it distinctive from Kona Coffee.  This Arabica Hawaiian Coffee is excellent and, while not as famous as Kona Coffee, is nevertheless outstanding, with a broad flavor profile and very full-bodied texture.
     Aloha Island carefully blends our hand selected Hawaiian Coffee with Certified Organic Guatemalan Arabica Coffee beans.  We also offer this wonderful coffee in six Flavored Coffee selections.  
Harvest Blend Kona Blend Coffee
Harvest Blend
 An autumn favorite!
Pure Kona Coffee and
Hawaiian and Organic
Tropical Coffee, with
Pumpkin Spice Flavor.
Whole Bean or Ground
Volcano Dark Roast Hawaiian Blend Coffee from Aloha Island Coffee
This is a robust,
Dark Roast Coffee
that is ideal for rich,
dark brewed coffee
and for espresso
Whole Bean or Ground
Plantation Blend Medium Roast Hawaiian Coffee Blend from Aloha Island Coffee
Plantation Blend
A delightful
Medium Roast
that is ideal for
morning coffee and
throughout the day.
Whole Bean or Ground
Swiss Water Process  Hawaiian Blend Decaf Coffee from Aloha Island Coffee
Decaf Plantation
This is an outstanding
Water Process Decaf,
Medium-Light Roast
with rich coffee flavor
but without caffeine.
Whole Bean or Ground
$0.00 - $16.95
Pecan Flavored Hawaiian Coffee Blend from Aloha Island Coffee
Southern Pecan
Southern Pecan
is a warm, rich
Medium Roast
with Pecan Flavor
Whole Bean or Ground
Cinnamon Hazelnut Flavored Hawaiian Coffee Blend from Aloha Island Coffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut
A very aromatic
Cinnamon Hazelnut.
Warm and refreshing
Medium Roast
with lots of flavor.
Whole Bean or Ground
Chocolate Almond Flavored Hawaiian Coffee Blend from Aloha Island Coffee
Chocolate Almond
An outstanding
Chocolate Almond
dessert coffee!
Dark Roast
with lots of flavor!
Whole Bean or Ground